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 The Wailing Banshee

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Rang D

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MessageSujet: The Wailing Banshee   Mer 14 Mai - 10:05

Vous connaissez probablement le Bar de la Dernière Chance, et bien celui-ci est son cousin lointain! Tout aussi paumé et tout aussi douteux, autant de par son existence que son utilité!

Ce petit établissement est un des lieux souvent visités par les gens perdus sur Le Chemin, c'est aussi un des (si non le) plus agréable que vous risquez de trouver en ces lieux mystiques. Ce pub ouvert 24/7 est tenu par Firel, un mi-homme mi-elfe qui passe son temps à nettoyer des verres derrière le comptoir tout en s'engueulant constamment avec sa cliente principale: une elfe aveugle et au caractère infernal du nom d'Artemia.

Bien que les deux se bouffent la gueule à longueur de journée, certains des réguliers du bar racontent qu'en vérité ils sont de très bon amis, ce qui est une grande chance pour eux car ils ont passé LITTÉRALEMENT une éternité ensemble et çà ne risque pas de changer bientôt! Il va sans dire qu'eux mêmes réfutent violemment ces rumeurs...  

Que dire de plus sur cet endroit... Il en vaut certainement la visite! Il peut être à la fois un havre de paix quand il est vide et un endroit dangereux à éviter quand il est plein, tout dépend des clients et de l'ambiance. Cependant, en général les gens s'y rendent pour se reposer et boire un coup tranquilles, ou encore pour demander des informations (la question la plus posée étant: " BORDEL DE MERDE OU EST CE QUE JE SUIS? ").

A part çà, l'alcool y est bon et les engueulades entre le patron et sa cliente sont une bonne distraction qui vous fait souvent oublier que vous êtes coincés au milieu de nul part.

Voici le mot du directeur:


                                                                                                            - Le Directeur
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Rang D
Rang D

Messages : 517
Date d'inscription : 13/08/2013
Age : 26

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MessageSujet: Re: The Wailing Banshee   Mer 26 Déc - 0:35

In the Pathway, the Wailing Banshee bar, 21:00, 25/@#/9999.

The Wailing Banshee had a different flair on that evening.

Its tables were adorned with velvet tablecloths, on which could be seen drawings of white haired and bearded sages, filling their enchanted carts with bags full of artefacts. The carriages were drawn by some mystical beasts whose noses shone red like rubies. On said tables, one could find small black lanterns, near which were placed bowls full with freshly baked ginger-bread men.

The bar, had been decorated with silver tinsels and golden orbs, as well as fairy lights overhead, giving the whole place a heart-warming festive vibe.

The windows of the pub, which make no mistake, still gave very much into an unending purgatory of darkness, were now foggy with frost, their corners filled with leftover snow.

Could it even snow in the Pathway? Sure! Why the hell not.

Trying to make sense of that place was a fool’s errand, more often than not.

An old jukebox at the back of the room, played a selection of songs matching the seasonal looks of the establishment.


Even the bar’s most prominent figures were all dressed up for the occasion. Firel, the barman, wore a bright red Santa hat. His ever-present bickering partner Artemia, had put some tinsels on top of a black evening gown. Though it was unclear whether she had done this on purpose or if she had mistakenly taken them for fur straps. That was something Firel obviously took great care (and pleasure) in not bringing up.  

Artemia: “You look like a tool with your hat dude!”

Firel: “Shut up honey, you’re blind.”

But those two old relics were not the only ones present in the Wailing Banshee that day.

Oddly enough, a whole group of traveling adventurers had decided to make the place their meeting spot for the night.

Sitting at a large table near one of the windows, were four lovely ladies, each bringing her own style and mood.

The first was by far the most feminine of the lot. Though all could be called pretty, that one was playing the game on a whole other level. Her makeup was on point, nails and hair done by some of the greatest stylists in Haerii. She wore the sluttiest Santa outfit she had found and her name was Elsa Rosenkruz. She seemed in a good enough mood, though a bit bored. Which is why she had decided to torture her unfortunate companion, her miniature dragon named Arkanis, by playing with him as if he were a doll, until the rest of the squad showed up. Arkanis himself, was not outfitted with anything in particular, because he was a proud member of the dragon race and he would be damned if he let anyone put bl@#dy tinsels on him! That said, he let himself be toyed with by his mistress, knowing full well that this was better than running the risk of her getting really bored and trying to kill everyone in the room.

Next to them, sat a person quiet as a statue by comparison. She was dressed in her common everyday clothes and was not adorned with any kind of Christmas accessory whatsoever. She paid no mind to the rowdy pair beside her, nor did she seem particularly taken in by the festive mood around her. Instead, she just sat there, carefully examining and taking in her surroundings. Occasionally taking out pen and paper to scribble down a few observations. That was Anna Melifel, and to be honest, had she not had to come here, she probably would not have noticed it was Christmas at all!

On her left hand, was another lovely gal, slightly younger in years but all the more energetic for it. She wore a bright red and gold china dress, which gave her a striking figure. Her eyes were covered by a matching crimson blindfold and on her head rested some reindeer horns. She was fidgeting on her chair, excited, impatient, pissed? Though apparently a bit nervous for some reason, she still seemed genuinely happy to be there! She sported a kind and youthful smile. Her name was Aida. She did not have a last name, as Aris decided it should be kept hidden for story related purposes.  

Then a seat had been kept open, no doubt waiting for a late arrival in the group.

Lastly, there was a fine young woman with flamboyant red hair. She was also wearing a Santa’s outfit, although not quite as daring as her friend’s. Still she was not one to shy away or miss a party so of course she would not miss out on a chance to try on new clothes, risqué as they may be. For her part, she had a magnificent smile plastered across her face and seemed ready to burst in laughter at a moments notice. Clearly, she was the one who enjoyed being there the most, and it showed! She was like the sun. That old girl, Kayné of the Fal’or.

Just as they started wondering what they should order and debating whether (and how many) appetizers they should get or move straight to sweets, the door to the bar was swung wide open and a person half covered in snow rushed in towards them.

At first the lot did not recognize him, as he was covered in the thick layers of his long coat, scarf and beanie. Turns out in the end he was the person they were expecting. The removal of his hat revealed his spiky hair, every bit as white as the snow that was now falling off his coat. He quickly took a seat and apologized to the assembly for arriving late. He then proceeded to catch his breath, completely ignoring the backlash his arrival brought forth. Turns out, he had made half of an effort for once, he was actually wearing a tuxedo! His tie was crooked though. Saï Hakuryu, in all his glory.

The late arrival:

Saï: “Sorry! Sorry! I’m late I know! I… uh, I got lost.”

Arkanis: “Finally! I had started thinking you were just going to leave me here with the girls!”

Elsa: “Women hate waiting for men you know! You suck.”

Aida: “Took you long enough! You just forgot to go shopping beforehand didn’t you?”

Kayne: “Come on guys at least he made it!”

Saï: “There! Kayné gets it! Seriously though, who the fuck came up with the idea of meeting here? This was a bitch to get to, really!”

Kayné: “Ah, that was me actually… But hey! It’s homely and everything! And I hear the food is good too!”

Anna: “It does have the advantage that you can get here from literally anywhere, that part’s true at the very least.”

With Saï’s arrival, their table was now full, with Elsa, Anna, Aida on one side and Saï, Kayné and Arkanis on the other.

The greetings over, they each started focusing a bit more on what they would be getting, burying their faces in the menu cards. Some of the items on the menu seemed to shift in and out of existence or change entirely to become something else. Some had prices listed in ancient rupees. It was unclear whether the bar had a huge selection or a really narrow one for customers seeking to satisfy niche appetites.


Saï: “So what is everyone up to? I know you are all dying to learn of my adventures but I’d rather save the best for last! Give me your news! What is everyone currently doing?”

Anna: “I am currently trying to survive Worst Day at Nabû actually. I was all set and good to record the event for prosperity but then an annoying relative of mine showed up and now I have to fight them for some stupid reason. And I actually thought I would never have to deal with any of them ever again. So much for optimism.”

Aida: “Ouh! I’m also at Worst Day actually! After some fooling around at Winsun I met an interesting person and we decided to travel around the world a bit together. Though she had to do something so we briefly split when we reached Rastora. I was waiting for her in a village called Kirka, and fancy that, the place was attacked by hundreds of rabbits and bunnies and all sorts of long eared menaces! Well at first they were small and the cutest things ever but then they transformed into monstrous versions of themselves and started butchering people. It was a mighty mess to be honest, pretty sure the village is smouldering ruins for the most part at this stage!”

Elsa: “I am currently in the process of covering Asgard in darkness and death and destroying the island! It was a major pain to get there and a lot of meddlers were involved, but now an ancient prophecy is almost fulfilled and when the ritual completes, Asgard as you know it will cease to be!”

Arkanis: “I’m helping her with that. Though to be honest I’m on oversight most of the time. White has a tendency to veer of track sometimes…”

Kayné: “My turn then! I have just been transported to an alternate version of Haerii by an unknown force and for unknown reasons! I was lucky though, as the very first people I met on that side were none other than my best friends with whom I previously travelled around adventuring and stuff. I am not entirely sure how exactly I’ll make my way back so we’ve put that on hold for now and we are headed into some ghost infested ruins in order to reclaim a magical clock or something. Point is, we’re on an epic quest to reclaim the world’s time and that is so badass!”

Saï: “Damn! You ladies have been busy!”

Kayné: “And what about you then?”

Aida: “Yes, tell us your grand adventures!”

Elsa: “Did you kill anything fun?”

Saï: “Hehe, I figured you would all be interested! Well then! Prepare to be amazed!”

Their eyes filled with stars, even Anna became the slightest bit interested and leaned in to listen.

Saï: “I do not remember what I was doing at all!”

Arkanis: “Eh?”

Anna, leaning back against her chair: “You were fools to expect any different.”

Aida: “For real? What the fuck were you doing?”

Kayné: “Maybe you got hit with an amnesia spell or something?”

Elsa: “Maybe you were drunk?”

Anna: “He’s probably back in jail and ashamed to admit it.”

Saï: “No nothing so awesome don’t worry! No, I think I was in the middle of a lecture on Anaurochian economy or politics or something. Pretty boring stuff really but being the gentlemen that I am, I still humoured them and paid attention to what was being told. But man, it feels like forever ago. Almost forgot about it entirely!”

Hi explanation raised a few eyebrows, but it was hardly the hardest one to believe. Or maybe it was. Village destroying rabbits and prophecies bringing about the world’s end were common enough occurrences for the adventurers of Haerii. And alternate realities? Well they were about to sip hot chocolate in a bar in the middle of the void so yeah… Hell, if Kayné left that place drunk enough, she would have a pretty good chance of making it back to the right Haerii!

Saï: “But enough of that! I was still in a panic from rushing to get here, but I’ve just realized, I’M THE MAN OF THE HOUSE!”

Arkanis: “Actually, I’m here too…”

Kayné: “Hahaha that’s true! Look at you! Surrounded by all us beauties! Think you’re up for it?”

Saï: “You bet your ass I am! I do this every day! But don’t worry I’ll still treat you right! If you’re kind enough I could definitely make some space for you in my vast heart and…”

His bullshit was interrupted by Aida shoving the hilt of her sheathed sword against his cheek, pushing his head sideward and away from the teasing Kayné.

Aida: “Is that so? My, what an honor! Ain’t ya lucky Saï? Ain’t it nice to be surrounded by all these sexy girls in Christmas outfits? Look at White over there! She's practically naked!”

Arkanis: “Now now, I’m sure he just wanted to comment on how stunning you all look today.”

Smoothest dragon this side of the void!

Anna: “Yeah, gods forbid the village idiot is actually thinking about starting a harem. Saï would never do that.”

Elsa: “Begs the question, who does a girl have to fuck to get a free drink around here ey?”

Saï: “Why, I am glad you asked! First round’s on me! I insist!”

Aida: “You fucking idiot.”

Firel, shouting from the counter: “Ah, I forgot to mention, all drinks are on the house tonight!”
Elsa: “Yeah. I’m sleeping with him tonight!”

Artemia, also shouting from the counter: “HA! No you ain’t! He’s gay as a lizard!”

Arkanis: “I find that offensive…”

Kayné: “Being gay is offensive now?”

Anna: “No. Also you are not a lizard. Some species of dragons are but you do not belong to that category. Why do I have to explain this to you? Why am I here actually?”  

Saï: “Gods I’m sorry okay! I was joking! Only if you were though! Nononono! Definitely joking! Huge joke on my part! Don’t glare at me like that Aida, sheesh! You know you’re my favourite gal, right?”

While Saï erupted in an impromptu dance on his chair to dodge as best he could the hits sent his way from the blind girl, Elsa turned to the rest of them with a suggestion.

Elsa: “Let’s do the gift thing before we eat!”

Arkanis: “Oh yeah, that sounds good! Who prepared this, this time around? The secret Santa thing? How does it work again?”

Kayné: “I set it up, like the rest of tonight. Though there’s really not any rules to follow you know! It’s pretty much random gift giving. Everyone brought something as we were supposed to?”

Aida: “Yup!”

Elsa: “Absolutely!”

Anna: “I took some time to bring something.”

Arkanis: “I brought something as well!”

Saï: “…”

Aida: “Really Saï???”

Saï: “Nah! I’m just pulling your leg! I totally brought something!”

Aida did not seem convinced but they carried on nevertheless.

Kayné: “Good! Let’s keep it simple then! Everyone, give what you brought to the person on your left! Let’s start with, uh, Elsa, you go!”


Elsa: “My, you can’t just put me on the spot like that! It makes me all fuzzy below!”

Her remark turned pretty much every head in the room towards her.  

Elsa: “Hahaha look at all of your faces ahahah, I’m just joking don’t worry! I’ll keep this clean until we’re in a private room!”

Anna: “…”

Aida: “Was she really joking?”

Arkanis: “I don’t think so.”

Elsa: “Anyway! I brought something to add a little fun in someone’s life!”

She placed a white rectangular box on the table, about the size of a box of chocolates, it was wrapped with a lovely red ribbon. She slid the box in front of Anna next to her.

Anna: “Here’s hoping it is not someone’s head. Last thing I need is the authorities chasing me for murder.”

Elsa: “Shit, I should’ve thought of that! Bah, next time! Go on!”

Anna: “Thank you, White. I guess.”

As she was about to reach and pull the ribbon loose, the whole package started vibrating on the table making a bzzzzzzz noise. Melifel froze and her eyes widened like golf balls.

Aida, half blushing, hiding her mouth with her hand: “Holy shit.”  

Kayné, bewildered to the point of amazement: “How thirsty are you?”

Saï: “Wait. What if I had gotten it???”

Elsa: “Men can use them too you know!”

Firel, from the bar: “Word!”

Anna, having somewhat recovered from the shock, pushed the still unopened package forward and away from her, which thankfully made it stop vibrating. She took a deep breath and prepared to give her own gift, deeming that the less time they spent talking about this the best it’d be.

Anna: “As we didn’t know to whom the gifts would be going, I also bought something anyone could enjoy. Though I did not know they needed to be wrapped so mine isn’t, apologies for that.”

She bent to the side and pulled something from her bag, then put it on the table.

Anna: “It’s a science fiction book. The title is Haerii 5846. It’s an adventure mixed in with a tiny bit of romance, set in the far *cough* future of our world. It has futuristic stuff like flying carriages and everything.”

She turned around and placed it in front of the person to her left. Which was Aida.

Everyone stood in awkward silence. It took a few seconds for both Anna and Aida to realize what had just happened.

Aida: “Oh wait it’s for me? Wow! Uh, thanks! I’ll… I’ll find a way to read it! Promise! Maybe I can get someone to read it to me…”

Anna: “I am sorry, I should have put more thought into this.”

Aida: “Haha it’s fine! Don’t worry about it! It’s the thought that counts! I’m sure you spent a while picking this over other books!”

For some reason, she seemed genuinely ok with it!

Aida: “Well then, my turn! I got this! Tadaaa!”

She protruded an irregularly shaped package, wrapped in pink paper, which she placed in front of Saï.

He eagerly unwrapped it to find, a bunny shaped black handbag.

The bag:

Aida: “It’s the cutest thing ever isn’t it?”

Saï: “Uuuuh, yeah! Awesome! Thank you! I’ll never get laid if I walk around with this!

Elsa: “Can confirm!”

Firel: “Word!”

Saï: “To hell with this, I can take on the challenge any day! Anyway! Let me show you girls how it’s done! In times like this, you should go for something anyone could consume! Like food, or even better, booze!”

He placed a fairly big, and surprisingly enough, fairly expensive bottle of quality sake on the table in front of Kayné.

The sake:

Kayné: “Yeah! Now we’re talking! I can definitely use this! Thank you!”

Anna: “Hmm, I have to admit, in retrospective this would have been a good idea.”

Arkanis: “Anna praising an idea coming from Saï? This is truly a miraculous night!”

Anna: “Shut up lizard.”

Arkanis: “Did you just call me gay?”

Aida: “Wait… You didn’t bring booze on purpose so you could get one of us drunk and have your way with her right?”

Kayné: “Actually, now that you mention it, from his perspective no matter who the gift went to it would be a girl! This would totally work out!”

Arkanis: “Again, I am also here!”

Elsa: “Outstanding move! I admire his will to cast a wide net!”

Saï, defeated and possible caught red handed: “Whatever. I give up. You girls are impossible to please.”

Firel: “WORD!”

His exclamation was followed by the sound of breaking glass and that of a large thump on the ground.

The group turned towards the counter, only to see Artemia waving their attention away with a smile, broken bottle in hand. Firel was nowhere to be seen.

Back at the group’s table, Kayné seemed plenty satisfied by the gift she had gotten and ready to spread the cheer.

Kayné: “Here goes! We live in troubled times, so I figured I would give someone something they could defend themselves with, while hoping they will never have it actually use it. But should that time come when you need it, hopefully it will come in handy.”

She presented to the group a small, neatly wrapped dagger. Which was now destined for Arkanis. The miniature dragon.

Anna: “I am starting to see a pattern with tonight’s gifts.”

Aida: “How is it possible that only Saï’s gift hit the mark?”

Kayné: “What?”

Arkanis: “How should I put this Kayné, I think your sword wielding wolf has set wrong expectations for you concerning Haerii’s fauna. Nevertheless, thank you for the noble sentiment! I’ll make sure this is forwarded to were it will do the most… good.”

This was a sad thing to consider for any weapon. They were seldom used for “good”. That was not what weapons were made for. Still, this held true a hundredfold for this specific dagger. Doubtless, this would end up in Elsa’s hands. “Good” was the last thing this dagger would be used for.

Arkanis: “Well then! Last but not least! Going by the rotation, I guess mine goes to White!”

Elsa: “Wait, what?”

Arkanis jumped to the ground from his chair, and dragged a big cardboard box from beneath the table, by clutching its edge in his maw. He then started flapping his wings, taking flight along with the box to carry it above Elsa. The whole scene was not without comic value.

Elsa: “Nonono! Don’t you fucking dare!”

Arkanis opened his mouth, dropping the content of his box on Elsa’s lap, covering her bare legs with something furry, bloody, and dead. Blood started dripping slowly from Arkanis’s gift, sliding along the flowers impeccable skin.

Elsa had frozen, and didn’t say anything, but legends say she was really really mad.

Just like every other day of the year basically.

Aida: “What… Is this…?”

Anna, leaning to examine the bloody pulp on Elsa’s lap: “A fox. A dead one.”

Kayné: “Well… He IS a dragon after all!”

Saï: “Oh now you get it! Kayné, I swear, some times you’re at least as dumb as me!”

Elsa did not find it in her to remove the mess from her lap. She just sat there, moving her eyes from person to person, no doubt wondering who she should off first. The rest also took a moment to look at everyone’s gifts and faces, taking in the situation they had on their hands.

Aida: “Well!”

Saï: “I suppose this did not go exactly like you had planned huh?”

Kayné: “No, not really no. Maybe we could have used a couple of rules after all! Sorry guys!”

Is the road to the Pathway paved with good intentions? Judging by this Christmas’s gifts exchange, probably!  

A long-winded sigh was heard coming from everyone’s favourite sorceress.


Anna, visibly annoyed: “FINE! I’ll fix this for you! Give me a second.”

Her eyes went once more from gift to gift.

Anna: “First, you can have this back! I know it is in poor taste to return a gift but I do not think anyone else plans on using one of these.”

She pushed back Elsa’s gift to her, using a napkin.  

Anna: “Now, who wants a dead fox?”

Kayné, half jumping out of her chair: “I do! I’m willing to trade!”

Aida: “What do you plan on doing with this thing exactly?”

Kayné, excitedly grabbing the corpse from Elsa’s legs: “Boots!”

Needless to say, the flower was all too pleased to get rid of her pet’s gift. She also accepted back the one she had given to Anna, thinking it would probably have been wasted on queen bitch anyway. Shame, she was probably the one in need of it the most!

Anna: “Good. Then, Aida, you can have the sake. You are also from Izashi so I imagine you will be able to appreciate it for its just value. This alright with you?”

Aida: “Yes boss!”

She greedily grabbed the bottle from the huntresses’ side of the table. Kayné was sad to see it go, but did not fight back.

Anna: “Saï, as I imagine you do not wish to keep the bag and since you are unable to read books, you can have the dagger.”

Saï: “I am? Oh well, could always use a new dagger! I’ve actually been carrying around a butter knife for the longest time now you know! I even used it to win a fight recently!”

Aida: “Wow, more bragging?”

Saï: “No this is actually legit! Look it up!”

The witch carried on, undaunted by the commotion.

Anna: “This leaves us with the book and Aida’s bag. As the book is my own gift and I’ve already read that one, I cannot take it back, so it goes to you Arkanis. Which leaves me with the bag.”

Arkanis: “This is lucky for me actually! I was planning on asking for the book! Some times it can get really boring while waiting for White to finish whatever it is she’s doing, so I’ve picked up reading recently. From the description you made of it, this one seems quite interesting too! Thank you!”

This small redistribution ended up putting a smile on everyone’s faces. Well, not Anna’s of course, she never smiles. But all were quite happy with the results!

As a recently recovered Firel stopped by their table to bring their drinks, Kayné was struck with a realisation she pressed to share.

Kayné, amazed: “Wait! Anna? Did you set this all up so that you would get the cute bag in the end without having to ask for it?”

Aida: “Huh? Really!? That’s awesome! Hahahaha!”

Anna, turning red but not breaking her poker face: “Preposterous. Where did you get that silly idea from?”

They laughed.

They clenched their glasses and all toasted together cheerily, as snow started falling anew outside the bar.


Voici le mot du directeur:


                                                                                                            - Le Directeur
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The Wailing Banshee

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