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MessageSujet: Kirka   Mar 4 Déc - 20:46

Kingdom of Rastora, in the Rath region, amidst the smoldering ruins of Kirka, 1st of November 4846, 11:04. Noon following the Worst Day.


Kirka was never one of those major commercial towns, nor a touristic vista drawing people the world over. Even as far as adventurers were concerned, it was but a resupply point on their way to greater things. One of a few, relatively safe and peaceful hamlets on their way to braving the Rift.

Far enough from the Abyss not to go mad or get constantly attacked, close enough to keep it interesting.

The small village had roughly 120 inhabitants, of which only half remained this morning.

Most of them were people whose jobs related them to the Rift, one way or the other. Craftsmen using exotic materials, tourist guides, families of members of the Abyssal Guard, equipment vendors, doctors and quite a few others. Surprisingly enough, ever since the rediscovery of the value of the rift’s gifts, the surrounding areas had drawn a lot of people of all paths of life, to the point where the original settlers were now minorities in their own towns!

This place was still pretty far from the front lines so the guard here was light. It would still get attacked from time to time, but mostly by the nearby magical creatures gone mad, rather than by the monstrosities spawned by the Rift.

Still, living here also had a lot of perks. None of which will be mentioned now. That would be disrespectful, in the face of these smoking ruins.

The people here were no pushovers, but that did not stop a lot of them from perishing during last night. Who could have expected it after all, such a crazy thing to happen…

Yesterday, everything had pretty much went as the gods intended, up until sunset. But come the hour of twilight, then the nightmare began.

Ambiance, put it on LOOP:

The town was suddenly filled… :

Small, white, fluffy, god damn bunnies.

They came stealthily and out of the blue. By the time the locals noticed them, they were already everywhere. Bunnies in the streets, bunnies in the sheets, bunnies on the roofs, bunnies in the stew, bunnies in your wife’s hair, bunnies in your underwear.

Smuggling their cuteness into every nook and cranny of the small village.

At that stage, most of the inhabitants were mostly intrigued. That was a first, even for their town. That said the creatures were docile and only mildly magical, so most did not feel too alarmed at their sudden appearance. Some even welcomed them as a blessing. I mean, the fluffyneeeeessssss!  

Everything was fine for a small while afterwards, most people either started ignoring the critters or were absolutely enamoured with them and started playing with them all over the place, like children loose on a morning where their town was covered in fresh snow. With legs. And fur.
A mere half an hour later however, an increase in accidents started being noticed across the town.

People started tripping on bunnies, some were hit by falling roof tiles displaced by the lively visitors. Some got their lunches stolen, others caught glimpses of bunnies pushing entire meals off tables. One of the bunnies reportedly stole someone’s gun and somehow shot a bystander, before running terrified into a sewer, gun in mouth.  Some creatures sat on the face of the elderly and suffocated them in their sleep. It was not long before everything devolved into utter chaos.

The till then thrilled natives, were quick to give way to anger as the creatures rapidly increased the scale of their mischief. They started by shitting on people’s horses, then suddenly a building was on fire. A couple of utterly pissed (on by the bunnies) gentlemen, started chasing the creatures along the streets with shotguns. The damage in their wake was extensive, as the little buggers proved small and nimble targets. They lost at least four men named Jimmy during that pursuit.

A bit later, a resounding crack was heard across the village. The local orphanage’s roof, had just collapsed under the combined weight of hundreds of bunnies. None of the children survived. They were all inside, playing with bunnies.

In the face of increasingly violent tendencies against these poor, harmless creatures, an impromptu Bunny Protection Committee was formed among some of the villagers. The declaration of civil war upon them, by any person that remained sane in the perimeter was immediate.  

Gunshots started echoing across town, canon fire even, thought it was not clear if it was directed at humans or bunnies anymore. People started dying left and right, but the casualties of the bunnies remained surprisingly low. Or maybe they died by the dozens. It was hard to tell, what with the whole place still being covered in the bloody things!

Alas, the situation would only get worse.

When the last shreds of light vanished beyond the horizon and the sky darkened for the night. The bunnies. They changed.

They started like this.:

Then they were like this. :

And suddenly the situation seemed a lot more awful for everyone involved!

Soon the beasts grew in size and changed into monstrous and horrible forms, towering over men, biting their heads off and clawing them to death. The bunnies counter-attack had just begun.

The villagers quickly stopped arguing among themselves in the face of this disastrous situation. The members of the Bunny Protection Committee saw the light dropped their weapons against their brethren and sought refuge in a local church. They were all executed by the priest in a fit of rage, because “fucking lunatics who started worshiping bunnies and killed Jimmy”!

Soon the streets were filled with these. :

Adventurers who had stopped in passing at the town, as well as the local guard and a couple Abyss Guards here on holidays did their best to handle the situation and saved many lives, but they were outnumbered in every front.

The brave Noah, the main heroine of the forum, best adventurer around and most beautiful among the skillful merchants, was not doubt somewhere in their lot, fighting off the rabbidt threat.

The fight kept going throughout the whole night.

In the chaos, she saw some of these.:

And at some point, although it might have been delusions caused by fatigue, she might have also caught a glimpse of:


Before everything was ended when the following appeared:


He invoked a powerful spell that summoned a moon the size of a small house, which he dropped on top off the village leader’s abode.

Then the dawn came, and every single one of the fuckers retreated to god knows where, leaving only their dead and a ruined village behind them. As well as some extremely distressed and confused villagers.

Noah had been brought here after a little bluebird told her of opportunities to be had near the Rift. She had guarded a small merchant caravan on its way here, no doubt hopping to stumble upon opportunity. Instead, she had met with this madness.

Oh and the merchant guy she was escorting got his face boiled when two bear sized werehares thought it would be funny to off a human by pouring the stew water intended for them on the poor unfortunate.

Voici le mot du directeur:


                                                                                                            - Le Directeur
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